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    Effective September 1, 2011.
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  • All of the above classes are included with any regular membership.  There is NO fee.
  • In addition, J's BIG GYM offers Capoeira, Salsa and Kickboxing for High School students.
    All three classes, as well as others that are offered from time to time, have a fee.
  • For more information kindly call the Reception Desk,  212.568.2444  x103.
  • For Membership Prices please visit: Our Membership Page

Classes Description
ABC introduces you to the basic moves for all exercise classes. Muscle conditioning workout targets the abdominal section and the lower body.

Aero Boxing
Introduces all, regardless of fitness level, to a fun physical challenge of boxing. The class includes intervals of aerobics and strength training. This high impact is all you need to improve flexibility and burn fat
Belly Dancing
Combines aerobics with sensual belly dancing moves. This workout will help abdomen toning and definition and enhance relaxation and flexibility.

Body Definition
The Ultimate workout to define your bady. It Combines interval aerobics and strength training.

Boot Camp
Kick boxing, dancing, step, jump, strength training. This high impact fat burn class will help you burn up to 500 calories in one session.

Tones the major muscle groups. Strengthens muscle and builds bone density.

Dance Aerobics
Our expert instructor will guide you through a dance choreography routine for a fun and challenging workout.

Fat Burn
High impact aerobics keeps you moving! An energizing workout utilizing different floor combination. Our instructors will keep you motivated while you Burn Fat!

Intense Abs
A low impact Bust your Gut experience !

Kick Boxing
This class introduces you to the fun and mental challenges of kick boxing. High impact workout designed to burn fat and improve flexibility.

Mega Step
Step-lovers - Look No Further! This is your class. Combines Aerobics, dance, and step for a Mega Fat Burning class.

Power Stretching Increase your range of motion. Build strength and flexibility at the same time. Reduce tension in your back and neck . Improve flexibility in your hamstrings, hip-flexors, groin, and upper body.

Shape Up
Combines weight toning with aerobics. Work on every part of your body in one class.

This total body workout uses body bars and steps to target and tone all muscle groups. Develop core strength while enhancing flexibility and balance.

Total Body Sculpting - Do you want a tight, toned and sculpted body? Look no further! This workout sculpts your entire body using 2-3 pound hand held weights.

Combines stretching, deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Relieve stress, improve flexibility and enhance relaxation. ENJOY!