Monday, January 11, 2010

Is Exercise Work?; Is Work Exercise?

Demanding bosses and looming deadlines make it difficult for employees to stick to their exercise regimens, according to a study by researchers at Middlesex University, U.K. More than 200 employees of a computer company were surveyed about their exercise intentions and then again a week later to see how well they followed through on those intentions. Fifty-four (54) employees were classified as having a high-stress job; defined as having high demands and little control over their work. Not only did these workers express lower self-confidence in their ability to stick to an exercise program, they also exercised less frequently than did their colleagues. Furthermore, the employees who said they intended to exercise but were unsuccessful were most likely to cite work demands as the reason they didn't make it to the gym. Lead researcher Dr. Nicola Payne believes ''people in high-strain jobs may not have the time for exercise or they may be too fatigued to exercise because they need more time to recover after the working day.'' She hopes that employers will come to recognize exercise as a priority and actively encourage it. 1.

You can follow most any type of workout routine and you will make good progress for the first few weeks (provided that you are getting adequate nutrition, rest, etc.). But generally after a few weeks of following a set workout program your progress will slow down and eventually you will no longer make progress with that routine.
Our bodies are very smart and naturally accommodate to stress. Your body will add as little muscle as necessary to get the job done. This is why construction workers get only big enough to handle the exact amount of work they do during a days work and no bigger, even though they are doing physical work all day long.
Adding muscle is a very unnatural thing to your body. You must constantly throw "curve balls" at your muscles to get them to grow. Generally, you will make the best progress for the first 3 weeks of starting a new workout routine. After 3 weeks your body starts to adapt and your progress will slow down. 2.

Jay says: Exercise MUST be WORK! – if not, it’s not exercise.
        Exercise MUST be FUN! – or you won’t do it.
          BEAT THE STRESS!
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  2. Not having time to work out is not an excuse at J's Big Gym. The gym is open 24 hours from early Monday morning to late Friday evening.
    Excuses are the tools of the weak and the incompetent. Working out will actually make you more alert and efficient at your job. Why aren't people using THAT as an excuse to go to the gym?

    On another note, to the anonymous person who made the comment about the urinal, I'm positive they'r working on it. I've been a member of this gym for about 3 years and they seem to be pretty good at getting things fixed. Besides there is another urinal and 2 toilets available to you. You're obviously a member of the gym...respect it so that you can enjoy using it. Judging from your comment, you're probably the one who clogged the urinal by putting throwing things in it that you shouldn't have. If not, I'm sure it was someone else with the same poor mentality. Also judging from your comment, it doesn't seem like you'd be able to appreciate the article they've taken the time out to post for you as a member.