Friday, October 28, 2011



Why is it that usually it’s older people who slip and fall on ice?

Balance, along with flexibility, diminishes with age just like cardio endurance and physical strength. So don’t take it for granted and be sure to include balance and flexibility (stretching) exercises in your workout routine.

I usually don’t plug our own classes, but Fernando’s Power Stretching classes are absolutely GREAT for this. Click here to see the complete Group Exercise Schedule at J’s BIG GYM. And if you have never been a member, come on in and tell the staff at the Reception Desk that you read this blog and want to take Fernando’s class.

Or if you prefer, here are some sites that have balance exercises:
Advanced Level: Sports. Peace. Love.

Like always, make sure you are medically cleared before you engage in any new activity. And, also like always, there are no excuses. Just do it! And as gym member, James C., told me, “The only easy day was yesterday”.

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