Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aching Back

Okay – so you’re lucky enough to have a job. That IS GREAT news!

And you may think you’re lucky to have a “desk job”.

Enjoy it, but please BE CAREFUL!

Sitting for long periods of time is HARD on your body.
“Excessive sitting is a lethal activity,” says Dr. James Levine, Mayo Clinic.
  • It strains the back.
  • Metabolism slows.
  • Good cholesterol decreases.
  • Increases risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

  • Lose your desk chair
    • Stand at your desk – obviously you need to get a standing desk.
    • Get an exercise ball – sitting on it requires more energy and uses your back and abdominal muscles in a way that chairs don’t.
    • Buy a $4,000 treadmill desk? See the NY Times article; link below.
  • Move around A LOT!
    • Program your watch, cell phone, or computer to beep at certain intervals to remind you.
    • Stand up when you talk on the phone or are reading hard copy.
    • Visit co workers instead of calling or emailing. Get them to walk around or outside the building with you. Have your meeting walking.
    • Take short walk breaks several times a day.

Based on the following very recent articles:
The Antidote to a Sedentary Desk Job, Kurt Elder, Competitor December 2011.
A VERY limited supply is available in J’s BIG GYM and it will be posted on the large blue triangle.
E Zine
NY Times


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