Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How many reps and sets should I do?

Reps and Sets

First – What is a rep? What is a set?

Reps is short for repetitions. A repetition is one complete movement through an exercise.

A simple bicep curl is a great example;
You curl your arm up, and then back down. That's one rep.
The lifting phase of a rep is called the concentric phase, and the lowering part is called the eccentric phase.

A set is a group of repetitions done consecutively before taking a short pause; a rest period, and repeating the same exercise or moving onto another exercise.

A set can be anywhere from eight to twenty reps.
The idea behind a set is to use a weight that will fatigue the muscle or muscle group that you're exercising by the end of the set.

A typical rest period is between thirty and ninety seconds.

What is a Super Set?

A superset is usually two different exercises with no rest period in between.

Each exercise may work the same muscle groups or they may work opposing muscle groups (such as your quadriceps and hamstrings, chest and back, or biceps and triceps).
The rest is taken AFTER completing one set of BOTH exercises.

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