Wednesday, July 27, 2011

LOSE 50 pounds in a YEAR! COUNT ON IT!!!

The following easy to follow plan will shape you up in no time.
This is a simple plan, and one year is not a lot of time.
START NOW! The only thing you have to LOSE is the WEIGHT!

First, the numbers (Don’t let the numbers scare you):
  • One pound = 3500 calories. 
  • The average MAN needs 2300 calories per day to maintain his current weight. 
  •  The average WOMAN needs 1900 calories per day to maintain her current weight.
Keep reading, NO ONE is average!
Many web sites are available to help you get numbers that are closer to the “real you”. Here is one that is both pretty easy to follow and complete:
  • Calories burned after 20 minutes (for a 150 pound person)
    • Aerobics – 159;   37 minutes = 300 calories
    • Bicycling (indoor, upright) – 159;   37 minutes = 300 calories
    • Elliptical – 204;   29 minutes = 300 calories
    • Stretching - 20 minutes = 50 calories
    • Treadmill (4.5mph, a fast walk) - 124;   48 minutes = 300 calories
    • Weight Training (multiple exercises) 50 minutes = 160 calories
Second, the math (It’s EASY, just keep reading):
  •  One pound a week = 3500 calories / 6 days per week = 584 calories / day.
    • Unless you’re doing this competitively DO NOT exercise more than 6 days a week.
Let’s round up and say:
  •  600 calories a day = 1 pound a week x 50 weeks a year = 50 pounds in a year!
(The math is approximate and IN your favor!)

Third, the plan:

Combine less calories with enough (more) exercise to equal 600 calories per day:
  1. Eat 300 less calories.
  2. and exercise for 300 calories.
  •  If you are eating JUNK food, eat less (You shouldn’t be eating any).
  • And get to the gym at least 5 days a week – for less than an hour!
It’s that SIMPLE – if all you are trying to do is lose 50 pounds or more, YOU CAN DO IT!!

The above may seem over simplified.
If you need to lose 50 pounds in one year – this will work. If you don’t need to lose that much – GOOD for YOU!! Your work will be harder.

More in future articles.

Please contact J’s BIG GYM at if you need any help with this.

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