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In 1970 Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper wrote;
”don’t worry about setting speed or distance records. As a general rule I advise against striving for speed, which increases strain and fatigue.
You can earn your points more safely and more comfortably by exercising at a slower rate for a longer time. (Dr. Cooper uses a point system and writes you need to average at least 30 points a week.)

with permission of Randy Glasbergen, cartoonist.
In 1999 Bill Phillips wrote:
“Despite what so many millions of people have been told, low-intensity, long-duration aerobic exercise is not the best method for ridding the body of excess fat.”
His Program involves performing only 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times per week – no more, no less.

And then in 2010 Dr. Al Sears writes:

The unique feature of PACE – progressively changing your routine over time – ensure maximum fat loss with a “bulletproof” heart and “super-sized” lungpower.

PACE® routines are never more than 10 to 20 minutes.

The benefits are profound. By boosting your heart's "reserve capacity," Dr. Sears reveals that you can nearly eliminate your risk of heart attack.
One of Dr. Sears' insights into the human heart is the fact that it doesn't need "endurance training." Your heart was designed to keep beating far into old age. According to Dr. Sears, the big mistake with aerobics and jogging is when you burn fat.

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All the sources quoted in this blog are from old fashioned BOOKS available in J’s BIG GYM (ask at the desk) or Amazon.

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