Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another cup of COFFEE?

Read the article by Jane Brody.
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It's NOT so simple.
She starts the article with her bottom line which is deceptively simple and then she goes all around.

Jane's bottom line:
"smoking and many other factors known to influence health and longevity were taken into account, coffee drinkers in the study were found to be living somewhat  longer than abstainers."
She continues:     
  • The observed benefit of coffee drinking was not enormous
  • when the data were adjusted only for age, the risk of death was greater among coffee drinkers
  • but when the researchers took into account other health-related characteristics… like…. physical activity and body mass index, those who regularly drank coffee lived longer. 

      Jay says:
  •  Limit yourself to TWO (2) cups a day
  •  Everything in Moderation!                         

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