Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Does the New York City government have the right?

WEIGH IN here!

Let us know what you think about Mayor Mikey’s latest health craze –  

Combating obesity by seeking to prohibit the sale of sugary drinks in containers of more than 16 fluid ounces at restaurants and food carts.

Two issues that can be considered:

  • Prohibition – Put into affect by a Constitutional amendment, it ended in 1930 – way before most of us were born. Its’ legal structure was to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. It was legal to drink liquor. Hence, the proliferation of speakeasys.
    What affect did it have on it’s goal of keeping Americans more sober?

  • Much more recently – the continued crackdown on smoking. According to NYC Department of Health figures released in January , 2012,
“the city’s adult smoking rate had reached a record low, with only 14 of 100 New Yorkers still smoking, a 35 percent decrease since 2002. Health officials said the decline would prevent 50,000 premature deaths in the next 40 years.”

So let us know what you think – Does the New York City government have the right, or perhaps the obligation, to encourage you to drink sugary drinks in moderation?  Click on comments and share your thoughts.

Before you ‘weigh in’, listen to what the Mayor has to say in his own words:
(click on His Honor)

And wherever you stand on the issue, this should make you laugh.  

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