Tuesday, July 31, 2012


London Olympic stadium 
click on London Olympic stadium to view YOU Tube video.

It's a VERY long video, almost one hour.
Listen to it 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

The video presents the findings of a study by Oxford University about:
     - sports drinks
     - running shoes
     - dehydration
     - supplements 

The journalist points out the challenge of science versus show biz.

Questions  / observations raised include:
          Are sports drinks better than water?
          What is the value of low calorie sports drinks, if the benefit from sports drinks are the 
                   carbohydrates and they have been eliminated in low calorie sports drinks?

           The most important factors related to reducing injury during running include: 
                    distance, recovery time, intensity.

The video, although not light, does include some humorous points:
                     11:30 - Jam on bread.
                     31:09 - Humans are the only animal that needs to be told how much to drink.

Jay's 2 cents:
  • Use common sense
  • Try to be consistent
For example:  If you need to drink, and you should if you have been exercising and in hot weather, what do you accomplish by drinking sugary drinks? Water is what your body needs.

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