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According to the Institute of Medicine the recommended intake for total fiber for adults 50 years and younger is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women, while for men and women over 50 it is 30 and 21 grams per day, respectively.

Benefits of Fiber

  • Normalizes bowel movements
  • Lowers risk of developing hemorrhoids, and small pouches in your colon (diverticular disease)
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels
  • Can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, which is also protective to heart health
  • Helps control blood sugar levels
  • Aids in weight loss

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Sources of Fiber

1. Beans: Think three-bean salad, bean burritos, chili, soup.
2. Whole grains: That means whole-wheat bread, pasta, etc.
3. Brown rice: White rice doesn't offer much fiber.
4. Popcorn: It's a great source of fiber.
5. Nuts: Almonds, pecans, and walnuts have more fiber than other nuts.
6. Baked potato with skin: It's the skin that's important here.
7. Berries: All those seeds, plus the skin, give great fiber in any berry.
8. Bran cereal: Actually, any cereal that has 5 grams of fiber or more in a serving counts as high fiber.
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9. Oatmeal: Whether it’s microwaved or stove-cooked, oatmeal is good fiber.
10. Vegetables: The crunchier, the better.

For those who want more detail, see the chart below:

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